Main Applications 

The main applications of Moneta across the blockchain ecosystem and for other consumers globally. We break up the beneficiaries into three user groups:



Moneta for


Moneta for


Moneta for


The main benefits, applicable to all groups:

  • Properties on blockchain bestowed upon other asset classes
  • Less volatile, familiar unit of account
  • World’s assets migrate to the blockchain

For Exchanges  

Exchange operators understand that accepting fiat deposits and withdrawals using legacy financial systems can be complicated, risky, slow, and expensive. Some of these issues include:

  • Identifying the right payment providers for your exchange or irreversible transactions, fraud protection, lowest fees, etc.
  • Integrating the platform with banks who have no APIs
  • Liaising with these banks to coordinate compliance, security, and to build trust
  • Prohibitive costs for small value transfers
  • 3-7 days for international wire transfers to clear
  • Poor and unfavorable currency conversion fees

By offering Monetas, an exchange can relieve themselves of the above complications and gain additional benefits.


For Individuals     

There are many types of individual blockchain users in the world today. From traders looking to earn profits daily; to long term investors looking to store their crypto securely; to tech-savvy shoppers looking to avoid credit card fees or maintain their privacy; to philosophical users looking to change the world; to those looking to remit payments globally more effectively; to those in third world countries looking for access to financial services for the first time; to developers looking to create new technologies; to all those who have found many uses for blockchain.

For each of these individuals, we believe Moneta is useful in similar ways, like: 

  • Transact in any country/fiat value, pseudo anonymously, without any middlemen/intermediaries
  • Cold store any country/fiat value by securing one’s own private keys
  • Avoid the risk of storing fiat on exchanges and move crypto-fiat in and out of the exchanges easily
  • Avoid having to open a fiat bank account to store fiat value
  • Easily enhance applications that work with bitcoin to also support Moneta
  • Anything one can do with Bitcoin as an individual one can also do with Moneta

For Merchants   

Merchants want to focus on their business, not on payments. The lack of global, inexpensive, ubiquitous payment solutions continues to plague merchants around the world both large and small. Merchants deserve more. Here are some of the ways Moneta can help them:

  • Price goods in any country/fiat value rather than crypto
  • Avoid conversion from crypto to any country/fiat and associated fees and processes
  • Prevent chargebacks, reduce fees, and gain greater privacy
  • Provide novel services because of fiat-crypto features
  • An easy to implement novel online payment system

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